ESSENTIAL OILS 101 - 4_11.jpg

Raw treats, tea and essential oils on a Saturday afternoon - sound good?

Join Dani for an Essential Oils 101 workshop in the studio at 2pm on the 4th of November.

Essential oils can be used to raise your mood, support your emotions, build your immune system, assist in first aid and pain relief, release stress and as household cleaning and beauty products.

This hands on workshop will not only leave you smelling amazing, you’ll also walk away with a deeper understanding of how to bring essential oils into your life.

The workshop is totally free so bring a friend along and enjoy a great class together. One lucky winner will walk away with a free oil, raffled off at the end of the workshop!

So if you've been seeing or hearing about essential oils for a while now, or maybe you're just interested in learning more, please book now to share in our love and enthusiasm for these little bottles of plant magic.