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In yoga, the number 108 refers to spiritual completion. It is why malas are composed of 108 beads, why pranayama is often completed in cycles of 108, and why sun salutations are often performed 108 times at the start of each new season. By practicing chanting, breath work, or asana in rounds of this sacred number, the ancient yogis believed we could align ourselves with the rhythm of the creation, and ultimately bring an end to our cycle of reincarnation.

Throughout spiritual teachings beyond the traditional yogic texts, we are reminded of this number in our search for liberation. Hindu deities have 108 names, and India is said to have 108 sacred sites. In Jainism there are believed to be 108 virtues. In China, some forms of Tai Chi have 108 moves. While in Tibetan Buddhism there are 108 delusions. Many Buddhist temples have 108 steps representing the 108 steps to enlightenment, and in Japan, at Zen Buddhist temples, a bell is chimed 108 times at the end of the year closing a cycle to serve as a reminder of the 108 earthly temptations a person must overcome to achieve nirvana.

Like the mantra Aum, 108 seems to have an essence that connects us to the whole. Be it used to guide sun salutations, to tally up the number of chants to the Divine, to count the steps leading up to a temple, or to measure the structures built for the heavens, it serves as a reminder of the wonder and interconnectedness of the universe.

Join Kristy for a sacred 108 Sun Salutations to bring in the new season of Summer.

Saturday 4-5.30pm
2nd December

Please book your "free" spot and bring a cash donation on the day. All profits will go to Kristy's chosen charity - LIVIN


LIVIN is all about living your life at the top and destroying the stigma that is attached to mental illness. Connecting, supporting and encouraging one another to talk about their feelings, issues and challenges because “It Ain’t Weak to Speak”. Out with the old and in with the new, LIVIN is here to shake things up and make it okay to speak up and seek help in the 21st century. No judgement, just sheer compassion and understanding. Through education programs and awareness initiatives, LIVIN will launch a generational change. Let’s unite to help our brothers and sisters start LIVIN again. Join the movement.