Maintaining Health & Wellbeing with Doug Wilson

Doug will host a 2 hour workshop and share his remarkable story on how a brain tumour, meningitis and learning to walk again couldn’t stop him from becoming the first person to run 7 competitive marathons on the 7 continents in under 7 days.

The workshop will focus on valuable techniques for maintaining health, wellbeing and coping with stresses in the modern world. Doug's knowledge is backed up by practical, real world experiences. This workshop will be informative and cover :

- Yoga & meditation as a genuine form of therapy for restoring balance to body, mind and spirit

- How to adjust the body's glandular system and alter the body's chemical responses through the art of kriya yoga

A look into kundalini energy

- Addressing stress and adrenal fatigue through the functions of the nervous system

- How to achieve physical and mental relaxation to prepare for meditation

- How to utilise the healing benefits of meditation through concentration and focus of the mind

This session is suitable for people of all ages and abilities. It will benefit anyone wishing to learn how yoga & meditation influences our health beyond our physical nature.


Saturday 21st July

12:30pm - 2:30pm