Join Dani as she guides you through a full body self massage using therapy balls and yin yoga techniques.


This workshop is designed to release tension and tightness from the body using Myofascial Release (MFR), better known as Roll & Release. We will use therapy balls as a massage tool as well as yoga props (bolsters, blocks and the wall) to support us through this practice, which can be made as firm or as gentle as you like.


Benefits of MFR:
- Reduced muscular tension

- Increased range of motion

- Better circulation
- Pain management
- Stress relief (emotional and physical)

We will use a variety of yin yoga techniques and therapy ball work to release tension and tightness in the upper body (neck, shoulders, chest, arms, upper back), and lower body (lower back, glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves and feet).

This workshop is perfect for anyone carrying tension anywhere in the body from bad posture, stress, sports etc.


The skills learned in this workshop will allow you to give yourself a full body massage anytime, anywhere, using therapy balls (or tennis balls). 


Make some time for self-care with techniques that you can easily replicate at home. No experience necessary, all props provided.


Only $25 for this 2 hour workshop! Limited spaces available.

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Sunday 5th November

3 - 5pm